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Welcome to
Callahan's Saloon!

We're glad you found us. We really are! We believe you'll find that Callahan's is a very special, friendly and safe place. It's a place people come to relax, to enjoy good conversation, to make new friends, sometimes to help each other and always to have fun. All we ask is that you respect the feelings of others.

We encourage your questions and comments (especially if you were looking for something specific and did not find it here) and hope you visit us again soon.

What is Callahans?
Our Website - Our Traditions - Chatting and Posting
How You Can Help Us - Technical Problems?

Also, please find the time to read:

A Few Important Words About Your Safety.

We have a favor to ask you. In order to find us, please bookmark our off-Delphi/Prospero location website. We have links there to our Start page, our message board, our conference page and back to this welcome page. We also have several entry links to various areas on our very large website.

By bookmarking the 50megs page as your entryway to us, if Delphi Forums has technical problems, we can post a message there about the problem, and give an estimated time for repairs. We are even prepared to redirect you to a new location for our community if it comes to that. Of course, if 50megs goes down, you'll still find us at our Delphi Start page. Maybe you should bookmark that, too..:)

Chatting and Posting

Callahan's is a place where a spirit of acceptance and friendship is instantly extended to all who visit. We view new visitors as new friends and potential regular patrons.

We do have posted community standards, however, and there are certain things that we find unacceptable. We will not, for example, tolerate bigotry, hatred, personal attacks, foul or abusive language, or a pattern of disruptive behavior in our conference rooms or on our message board.

Chatting - Using our Conference Rooms

You are welcome to join a chat room at any time - even an empty room. It won't be empty long..:) When you get to the chat directory page, simply click on the link to "Callahan's Saloon" or to any other room that is already open.

When you click on one of the room links and you will automatically 'enter' the room. It sometimes takes as much as a minute but usually it's much faster.

We have a list of Commands, Emoticons and Abbreviations often used in conference. We hope you find it useful..:)

You can refer to our Chat Calendar to determine when you may expect to find a regularly scheduled chat room open or when a special conference is planned. (We use the terms 'chat' and 'conference' interchangeably.)

Please review our Chat/Conference Guidelines today..:)

Posting - Using our Message Board

Our message board (Forum) is set up in a fairly standard way. There is one folder/topic however, called The Grab Bag, which is accessible by 'application only.' The Grab Bag contains posts that are or may be unsuitable for children. This does not mean that you will find vulgar or X-rated posts in this topic area. You will not. For access, send our Message Board manager a request (with your Delphi membername,) stating that you are neither a child, nor easily offended.

And please.. let us know if you find anything confusing about reading or posting on our Message Board.

And finally, we have developed a few Posting Guidelines over the years. Please review them.

Our Website

We urge you to read all the links here and to explore our Website. We have humor (Off The Wall) - great original poetry - drink recipes and tips for hosts - current and previous newsletters - and a section about Spider Robinson, the author of "Callahan's Crosstime Saloon" (including book reviews of his works.)

We have been online as a Community since 1993. Read An Imperfect History of Callahans on Delphi Internet for some details..:)

You can visit our Patron's Page or our Staff Page to learn a little about our staff, tenders and patrons. We'd love to add your name to the Patron's Page! Simply send us the information you want added with your name (and an photo image if you like) and we'll make it happen!

You can also order some of our favorite Callahan's books or a book being discussed on our message board by using our (Amazon) bookstore link.

There is no need to hurry, no need to read all this right away. But do read it when you find time. You needn't be a poet, humorist, writer, candlestick maker or astronaut either to enjoy the place. We're all just normal folks, more or less like you...:)

"All creatures are welcome here."
Relax and enjoy yourself -
that's part of what Callahan's is all about!

How You Can Help Us

The single most important thing you can do to help us is to learn our traditions and help us continue them.

Feel free to explain our traditions to newcomers whenever it's appropriate to do so, and to refer them to this page. Let them see by your example, both in our chat rooms and on our message board, that Callahan's Saloon is a very special, safe and friendly place..:)

How? By playing nice..:) By making newcomers feel welcome. By avoiding coarse or vulgar language. By being supportive of those in pain, and by sharing joy wherever it presents itself. And most of all - when comfortable doing so - by sharing yourself.. your own joy and pain as they visit you in your life.

It's also important to remember that we are a community of friends and everyone has a voice. Don't hesitate to let us know what we do right, and what we might improve upon. We must have your help to continuously improve.

Finally, it would also be helpful if you visit and explore our Web site often. We are constantly adding new content, especially new humor to the Off The Wall section. If you'd like to write an article, a book review, create a riddle or just send us a joke, we'd love to hear from you.

And more, we need your help if you find a link that doesn't work, or a page that needs improvement. Please take the time to let us know.

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