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We present Spider's famous March 1996 Post Toast to the alt.callahans newsgroup, in which he, among other things, lets us know what he feels is important when it comes to the Callahan's customs, traditions and philosophy.

Spider Robinson is the award winning (three Hugos and a Nebula) American author (now a Canadian citizen), born November 24th in 1948, who created the Callahan's Crosstime Saloon series of science fiction/fantasy novels...

He has also written about other than Mike Callahan and his cohorts as shown below. Our Web site, however, is based loosely on the Crosstime Saloon series. We have a few book reviews and welcome new submissions.

We hope to be adding extensively to these pages. If you feel you have something you'd like to contribute, simply email it to us...

Visit Spider's official Web site.

One of our patrons (Kitty, PUFFYKITTY) met Spider and Jeanne at a musical event (July, 1997) in which Spider and Jeanne sang Beatles songs for 3 and a half hours. Here is a photo of Spider, Jeanne and Kitty taken at the event..

We hope you have heard "Mike Callahan's" philosophy espoused elsewhere on this site. (If not, please check out What Is Callahan's?))

Spider and Jeanne reside in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The pair sometimes collaborate and shared a 1978 Hugo Award for the novella 'Stardance.' They have a daughter named Terri.

We have compiled a list of Spider's works that we hope you'll find useful. Please let us know how we can improve the list, or the site in general.

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