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Learn just a bit about the people of Ireland on our About The Irish page and a bit about the life of Saint Patrick as well.

Enjoy (and subscribe) to The Irish Emigrant, a weekly newsletter with news of Ireland and much more!

Then enjoy some of our favorite Irish humor. And you won't want to miss our Irish poetry.

Would you like to learn more about the wide and varied works of the Celtic masters? Visit our listing of Internet Resources for Irish Literature.


Are you Irish? To help you explore your family genealogy and reconstruct the Family Tree, we have gathered a few of the major Irish Genealogy Links.

There's more! We have collected a series of both Irish Recipes and Irish Toasts or Blessings for your pleasure. Enjoy what we have already and send us your favorites to be included!

We are part of Paddy's 50 Faves and hope you enjoy the many fine Irish sites you'll find there, too.

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